We currently hold classes every Wednesday and Friday evening beginning at 6:30. Children and adults are welcome. We also hold women's self-defense seminars for community groups, and offer a four-class course on women's self-defense as well.


Participants in our regular classes will learn:

     •     Confidence

     •     Discipline

     •     Respect

     •     Safe habits

     •     Blocks

     •     Punches and other hand strikes

     •     Kicks, knees, and other leg strikes

     •     Joint locks

     •     Pressure points

     •     Choke and hold countermoves

     •     Jumpkicks

     •     Much, much more…

Our goal for our self-defense courses is for our participants to leave with:

     •     Confidence

     •     Awareness

     •     Safe habits

     •     Physical techniques to survive and escape a confrontation